“Public Art and Communion: Light, Festival, and Ritual” in HLENO

I have a new article, Public Art and Communion: Light, Festival, and Ritual, published in the peer reviewed journal, HLENO (Histoire et littérature de l’Europe du Nord-Ouest)! The article analyzes how works of art in public spaces stage transcendental experiences involving light in its’ “purest” state, while ignoring military and commercial uses for projection technology. Projects discussed include A Tribute in Light, New York (MAS and Creative Time, John Bennett, Gustavo Bonevardi, Richard Nash Gould, Julian Laverdiere et Paul Myoda, Paul Marantz, 11/9/2002-2015), Jaume Plensa’s Observatoire du temps (Auch, France, 1991), Jenny Holzer’s Erlauf Peace Monument (1995), Yoko Ono’s Friðarsúlan (Imagine Peace Tower, 2007), Ryoji Ikeda’s, Spectra (Nuit Blanche, Paris, 2008), and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Vectorial Elevation (Vancouver, 2010 Cultural Olympiad).