Upscale (land)

Through a series of works entitled Upscale, I explored how artworks evoke the notion of anonymity in rural and forest environments. The projects were carried out at various sites across Europe between 2006 and 2010. They examine how one body can display different facets of itself, in outwardly similar environments, in different physical locations, from the Ukraine, to Poland, to France. Upscale treats the earth itself as a body in which human beings grow like plants. The monumental ephemeral works are woven in wicker and measure between 6 m² and 100 m². They were made from sketches and photographs of unknown models and represent generic extremities of a human body that are not attributable to a particular person. Works on water can be accessed here.

Les Mains d’Oeuvre, 2008, was a participatory site-specific installation composed of giant hand silhouettes of various heights (1 m wide x 0,5 – 1,5 m tall). It created in the Cité Universitaire Park in Paris, France and supported by CiteCulture and an FSDIE grant. It was made over a period of two weeks and included workshops with local students. The sculptures were displayed over a month and a half, during which time the elements were modified by local climate conditions.

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