Skinscapes (Vinyl)

These soft sculptures were produced during the lock-down period in France from March-May 2020. Made during a time of great uncertainty, they, embrace random, unintentional processes. Most of the Skinscapes feature a warm color palette, derived from the artist’s own skin tones and from source photographs taken of residents of Pouzin, France, for a 2011 Public Art Commission.

Each piece can be shows in a vertical or landscape format, either as an independent wall-hung work or, potentially, on custom-designed metal armatures. The works are sewn with seams reinforced with a double stitch and filled with found and leftover polyurethane cushion stuffing. Evoking bodies, beds, couches, organs, and gym mats, the pieces are uncanny representations of imagined objects and places.

Sculptures molles cousue à partir des images de peau humaine imprimées sur vinyle. Textile en vinyle, fil en coton et polyester, mousse polyéther, oeillets.

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