The participatory sculpture invites the public to enter inside and experience a space entirely devoid of light (part of a larger series of “anti-art” structures that inhibit the act of vision). Individuals can come inside the piece one at a time or in small groups (the works themselves may also be used in future collaborations with sound artists).

The title is a play on words combining the word for tent with the French word occulter/occultant which means to mask/conceal. The sculpture is sewn out of professional grade blackout fabric. The first version of the piece was sewn in late 2016 following the evacuation of the original Calais jungle in 2016. More recent iterations were produced in 2017 and 2018 on the basis of commercially available camping tents.

The sculpture is shown either at ground level or as a wall-hanging installation at a height that can be “entered” by “viewers.” When the door flap is closed, all light in the external environment is effectively blocked from entering.

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