Microcosmos Series

Microcosmos (2007), is a series of 3 bronze sculptures each 15” (38 cm) in diameter. The artist’s fingers were cast sprouting from and digging into round “planetary” forms. The series plays with symmetry across scales: openings and extensions are present inside, within, and in-between the various forms. All 10 of the artist’s fingers are cast and re-cast multiple times. As synecdoches (figures of speech in which a term for a part of something is used to refer to the whole), they become metaphors for human bodies populating vast territories. They signal a human presence writ large, as the artist explores how our bodies permanently modify our habitats. Each piece is a singular artwork which can be shown independently or in tandem with the other works in the series.

Microcosmos, série de trois sculptures en bronze formées par le moulage des doigts de l’artiste, environ 38 cm de diamètre. 2007.

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