Marcha de los Paraguas Colectivos

Paraguas Colectivos is a participatory art installation and performance created from over 200 different used umbrellas, velcro, grommets, and steel cable. Over the course of one week, local volunteers helped fabricate the installation, which was hung over the exterior wall of the Citadel in Pamplona, Spain. The work was presented in the outdoor public exhibition La Muralla Nómada, in affiliation with Mapamundistas, curated by Alexandra Baurès.

On the day of the opening, the general public was invited to participate in a march through the center of the old town of Pamplona, involving broken umbrellas that had been repaired and modified with velcro (allowing multiple individual umbrellas to stick together). The march was led by Lorena Arangoa and featured adaptations of protest slogans by local writers:

La marcha de los paraguas, uas uas uas
Paraguales grupales, no individuales
Siempre nos quedará la muralla
Contra los paraguas, soluciones quiero
El paraguas para él que le lleve

Following the march, participants were invited to keep their umbrellas and to use the velcro surfaces to “stick” to other participants, upon random future encounters in the streets of Pamplona. A local art collective, Reciclantes, transformed left-over umbrellas into usable objects and fashion accessories.

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