Facebook and Myspace

In a cultural landscape increasingly represented by virtual reality, I see our bodies as both containers of our most intimate physical spaces and as the surfaces with which we present ourselves to external world. I appreciate the body as a site of creation, rather than consumption. My works are portraits of no one and everyone; their subject is a body in a constant state of disembodiment. I believe that our bodies are not merely enclosed within the boundaries of out skin, but extend outwards, creating and being recreated by every action we undertake.

Facebook (2004), is a sculpture measuring 8 in x 12 in x 6 in, composed of melted beeswax on welded steel. The facial form is a mask of the artist’s face.

Myspace (2001), was sewn from imitation grass and included a sign warning trespassers to stay off of my my land. The humorous installation can be easily folded up and moved, like a picnic blanket, underscoring different attitudes towards the ownership of physical and virtual places.

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