A white milk carton drinks itself in an eternal, circular movement. The piece, cast in plastic, is sculpted from forms molded from actual juice boxes as well as the artists’ mouth. The elements of the piece can be arranged either in a closed or open-ended fashion. These juxtapositions can form patterns on the wall or in the air, depending on how each element is displayed.

The title, Egology, brings to mind ecology and the möbius strip of the international recycling symbol. At the same time the form connotes an Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a snake swallowing its’ own tale. The latter form relates to cyclicality especially as applied to a form that recreates itself. The sculpture does not create but rather consumes blindly. In treating itself as an item for consumption, the body becomes a product. In being conscious only of our own needs, we deny those of others and in the process, deny our own humanity.

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