Boys Will Be

The installation, Boys Will Be (2015), was shown at the Industry of the Ordinary Project Space in Chicago, IL. The work, a wall drawing made using toy army men and hot glue, was part of a larger show, Boys Will Be Boys, juxtaposing celebratory conspicuous consumption and the reality of recent racially motivated street violence. Composed of multiples of a ubiquitous childhood toy, the work examines the role of play in socialising youth and asks the audience whether a tendency toward violence is innate or culturally grounded. Rather than offering a clear vision of how children act or misbehave, I ask whether we, as a society, desire a culture of peace?

Documentation of the work was featured in The Spring 2015 Vol. 2 Issue 3 of SLAG Mag, published by the Old Furnace, an artist residency in Harrisonburg, VA focusing on social justice.

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