Online Now

Check out the following juried Spring 2020 Shows online featuring my work!

The Internal Frontier Series III, in the the Group Show, The Art of Water IV, An exhibition celebrating our most vital resource, at James May Gallery. Curated by Kendra Bulgrin and on view on Artsy.

Kosi R’vayah (my cup is overflowing) is in a show, Repair, at Stay Home Gallery on Instagram, a virtual space curated by Kaylan Buteyn and Pam Marlene Taylor (look under Week 5: Repair)

Photos and video documentation of We Can’t Breathe are in the show, The World Takes a Breath, curated by Molly Demeulenaere and Rob Warren. The works and artist bios are up on the show’s dedicated website, . For the show, I was asked to submit a statement in response to the prompt, “What good can come out of COVID-19?”. This is What I wrote:

On our Interdependence

What good can come out of a worldwide pandemic? What good can come out of a natural disaster? What good can come out of a war? What good can come out of a killing machine? In the face of fear, death, and daily limitations on our civil liberties for the greater good, it is hard to put “good” in the same sentence as COVID-19.

It is good that healthy people are helping the elderly and infirm. It is good that parents are ever more appreciative of the hard work teachers do daily. It is good that people have more time to read books and reach out to loved ones. It is good that we are cooking more. It is good that we are spending less time buying and more time making. It is good that most of us will pull through this dark time and stay alive despite all of the coming hardship. It is good that pollution levels are temporarily plummeting and habitat destruction is slowing.

In the context of global climate change, it is good that people ask for more information about how our economy really works, than can be found in a quarterly earnings reports. It is good that we are forced to think about where our food comes from, where our medicine comes from, who makes the food, who takes care of the children, who delivers the Amazon package, who gets sick leave, who has a second home to go to, who has no home, who gets access to tests, who gets access to healthcare, who picks up the trash, who profits, who is an essential worker and who gets paid. It is good if thought leads to action.