Land Grab @ The Mission

Opening Reception: Friday, May 2nd 6-8 pm. The SUB-MISSION is pleased to present Land Grab, a site-specific installation by Kasia Ozga addressing borders from a geopolitical, historical, psychological, and carnal perspective [...]

La Nuit de l’Instant

Come check out some of my artwork at the Nuit de l’Instant! 19 avril 2014 / Midi – Minuit / Le Panier – Marseille _La Nuit de l’Instant propose de porter un autre regard sur lespratiques de la Photographie aujourd’hui.__…


Group shows at in Rogers Park, Chicago, from March 1-29 featuring works by Mia Capodilupo, Tulika Ladsariya, Matt Martin, Marissa Neuman, Kasia Ozga, Katherine Perryman, Daniel Schmid, and Ruby Thorkelson.

The Sleepwalker is not a Witch!

When Hillary Clinton was a student at Wellesley College, activism consisted of protesting the Vietnam War and marching for civil rights. Today, Wellesley students are up in arms over a hyperrealistic sculpture of a man sleepwalking outdoors in his underwear. They have taken to the internet, signing a petition on the website, often under the cover of anonymity, to demand that the “inappropriate and potentially harmful” sculpture be moved indoors to the University Museum, where a concurrent exhibition of sculptor Tony Matelli’s work is taking place. Verbally lynching a vulnerable, voiceless effigy, they equate emotional appeals with deliberate, democratic discourse. In advocating censorship, these students are betraying the legacy of rational debate and political involvement forged by generations of women and promoting a fearful, isolationist, attitude toward symbolic speech.

Wellesley College should not and cannot give into these demands if it wants to maintain its’ commitment to progressive values and critical thinking. ...

Spring 2014

Installation at the Musée de l’Homme, Paris, Residency at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center, group show at Roman | Susan Gallery, Installation at the Mission and more…

Dunning Library

I am showing one of my sculptures in a group exhibition that takes place at various locations throughout the Chicago Public Library System from October 15th-December 1st. Check out the piece, Feet (Flavor of the Month), at Dunning Library.

La Off #3 à Reims

I’m having an individual show at the Centre Culturel Saint-Exupéry in Reims in October. The show will be up from October 10th- November 23rd! You can also click here for some images from the show! Appel à projets ouvert aux…