Liverpool Arts and Skating

Additional Resources:
Lost Art Skateshop, Vans, Skate Team…
Bold Street Coffee
– Local Art Spaces: The The Royal Standard (Studio Group), Arena Studios and Galleries
– Adam Sadiq, The Anarchitecture of Liverpool
Greg Herbert, sound/musique concrète field recording of skateboards (Suggestions: considers showing movement on the level of the skateboarder, interaction with the space/ how different skaters use an element such as a ramp differently, conversation of play)
Liverpool Biennial 2016: Fritz Haeg, Everton Park: The Foraging Spiral, Friends of Everton Park/ volunteers/ activists re: demolition, 5 wheels initiative, Malmo skateable city
Funding for Individual Artists outside London

Technical/Aesthetic Considerations for Switch Stance:
– Museum based on materials science research
– Fence/moiré patterns with movement of people involving shadow/light

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